If you listen to your horse with more than your ears – you will hear it talking to you!!!

The training is individually based on the development of the horse and the rider's know-how!
I dedicate myself to a solid basic education of young horses, as well as the formation of a safe partner and the training of Arabian horses for shows.
A major part of my job is in the work with young horses, it has made up a large part of my work in Canada.
Each horse goes its own way. That’s why I take care about every single horse.
The mixture of individuality, patience, consistency, regularity and resting phases makes a good training. This makes it possible to make a horse permanently the perfect partner for tournaments and leisure time!!!
I would be happy to discuss the training and the desired goals with you!
I offer to you (gladly also at your home):

• Entry and training of young horses
• Private lessons for children & adults
• Individual and group lessons
• Ground work
• Help with "troublemakers"
• trailer loading training and loading
(Prices on request)



"The worst enemy of the horses is man with his immeasurably superstitious ignorance, which he also considers to be animal lovers. If this were genuine, he would have long since been on the socks, read, studied, ridden, in himself and his riding Doubtless, would have moved from teacher to teacher until the day when a horse under his saddle would have shown "playless, loose brilliance" without any deliberate action ... "

The stud for Arabian horses in Oberfranken.